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TAURUS JANUARY 2016 Psychic Astrology `Pastor Rosemary

TAURUS JANUARY 2016 ~ Psychic Astrology
by Pastor Rosemary
In Cooperation with The Astrology Angel & Ansara Angel Magick
Taurus - The Bull
Earth Archangel Uriel
Zodiac Angel Asmodel

Happy New Year Taurus! This is for the sign of Taurus The Bull!
Venus transits Direct through the sign of Sagittarius from the 1st until the 22nd to ingress Capricorn on the 23rd of January 2016. Your Eighth House will be in effect for the first portion with influence on the areas of birth, sex, death, and debt giving financial freedom from the areas of life that no one who is prideful wants to deal with. The later part affects your Ninth House of life path meaning gifting auspicious occurrences through the realms of career as parent, mother, father, or vocation. Indeed, vocational training may be your best effort at this time.
Venus is known as the attribute of GOD THE MORNING STAR found in Revelation 22:16 (DRB) I Jesus have sent my angel, to testify to you these things in the churches. I am the root and stock of David, the bright and morning star.
Now let’s see how your ruling planet of Venus affects you this month Taurus! I’m Pastor Rosemary, The Astrology Angel thank you for joining us!
Your EARTH Guardian Archangel Uriel speaks through too you from your Taurus Angel Asmodel.
This is an Angelic Horoscope Transmission from your Taurus Angel Asmodel who resides over The Bull’s Fixed Earth and here are His messages for you in Love, Money, and Health!
Asmodel’s Love Transmission:
The New Moon is in Capricorn on the 9th of January 2016 (EST) and occurs on the 10th of the month if you are using (GMT) calculations. This subtle energy will refresh your Ninth House of life path meaning bestowing refreshment to your most important relationships giving you the blessed energies of the lunar channel of Ida which has the silver attributes of the twin pillars of Yakim and Boaz. Which pillar is which is dependent upon whether the Magus is walking into the temple or walking out of it. Boaz is feminine usually indicating silver while Yakim is masculine most often associated with gold. The use of white gold may add ambiguity to these alchemical calculations as well as the fact that a man’s body holds the energies of the Goddess and a woman’s body holds the force of the God.
The Full Moon is in Leo on the 23rd of January 2016 (EST) occuring on the 24th of the month if you are utilizing (GMT) calculations. This bright energy will enliven your Fourth House of home, hearth, and family which is a very significant placement for The Bull and will bring the courser energies of the golden solar channel of Pingala into play.
(Moon Ephemeris and Calendar information for EDT and GMT calculations inserted near end of page.)
Asmodel’s Money Transmission:
From the 1st until the 22nd of January your movable revenue or inheritance stashes are best invested in hospitals, lingerie companies, funeral homes, and banks. Sitting in cash is also beneficial at this time. Purchase gold for yourself and silver for others if gift giving is necessary for the celebration of the Year of the Monkey.
Beginning on the 23rd of the month it is auspicious for you to invest in businesses or companies that deal with career placement, care for dependents, or vocational training schools and/or institutions.
Asmodel’s Health Transmission:
Starting the 1st and until the 22nd Taurus should focus upon healing of the First Chakra and the sexual organs of the body.
Then beginning on the 23rd it is important to center the focus of your chi or qi into the structures of the lower extremities and the meridians that flow through and animate the legs.
This Month’s Lucky Rune Stone Prediction:
INGWAZ – This is a time when one should see the value in the negative side of the coin and of life in general by utilizing impatience rather than patience and competition rather than cooperation.

Disclaimer: High Magick can be dangerous, intended exclusively for entertainment purposes.
Remember to chant your Divine Tone of "I Have” or try out the higher aspect of simply meditating on the quality of “having” and be wise, be well, be all you are meant to be Taurus!
Ephemeris Information; Calculations for Eastern and GMT respectively:
Eastern Time EST 05:00 West:
New Moon 01.9.16; 08:30pm (19° Capricorn 13’)
Full Moon 01.23.16; 08:46pm (03° Leo 29’)
London Time 00:00 GMT:
New Moon 01.10.16; 01:31am (19° Capricorn 13’)
Full Moon 01.24.16; 01:47am (03° Leo 29’)
Thank you for joining us and join us again next month!!!
I’m Pastor Rosemary, The Astrology Angel!
by Rosemary A. B. Harper G.H., Imperatrix; Hierophantia H.O.A.F. 6=5, Praemonstratrix A.O.L. 6=5, Pr., R.N.
©2016 Pastor Rosemary
©2016 The Astrology Angel
©2016 Readings by Rosemary
©2016 Reality Matrix Technologies

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